Nationwide, Wanganui - Manawatu
Employment Relations Specialist, Mediator
52 Whelans Road, RD 1, Levin, 5571
Role: Advocate & Mediator
Postal Address: PO Box 1717, Palmerston North Central, Palmerston North, 4440

Kelly ColeyKelly is an employment relations specialist with approximately 10 years’ experience.

She started out working in Law Firms as a Legal Assistant, which allowed her to gain a firm understanding of employment law matters.

Kelly is a LEADR-accredited Mediator.  LEADR’s explanation of alternate dispute resolution is “alternative dispute resolution is a term that covers the wide range of processes used to resolve disputes”.

Kelly is passionate about mediation and resolution; “I find that early intervention is the most successful way to achieve resolution in most matters”.

Kelly provides interest-based advocacy services to a wide range of people, has a particular interest in resolving complex employment relationship problems and has considerable experience with high-needs employees.

Kelly has been a member of ELINZ since 2008 and was Vice President 2017 TO August 2019, when she was elected President. Kelly served as President until March 2023.

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