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In any service industry, complaints are inevitable. However, many complaints are due to miscommunication or misunderstanding. When we receive a complaint about an ELINZ member, we work with the member and support them, and we work with the member of the public. Our key goal is to resolve the complaint fairly and efficiently and to allow both parties to move on. We may make suggestions to the member on how to avoid the situation again, and we may also need to educate (or re-educate) the member of the public. Expulsion from ELINZ is only considered after a fair and open dispute resolution process and as an absolute last resort.

Any person needing the assistance of our organisation to help resolve a dispute involving an ELINZ member is welcome to make written contact with either the President or the Secretary


All correspondence will be referred to the member concerned – with a request that they either:

  1. contact you directly to discuss and resolve the issues between you (if a face-to-face meeting becomes necessary the Institute is willing to provide an Executive member to assist with the smooth-running of the meeting). If the issues are able to be resolved in this manner – both you and the member will be asked to confirm this in writing; and (from the perspective of our organisation) the matter will be at an end.
  2. provide a written response to our President to the issues that you have raised.


If Step 1(1) above has been followed – the Member’s response will be forwarded to our President – who will then carry out either or both of the following:

  • personally, or through a delegated ELINZ Executive Member – attempt to facilitate a resolution to the issues between you and the member.
  • give consideration as to whether or not the member’s actions/inactions have breached the ELINZ Rules and Code of Conduct.


  • If Step 2(b) above has been followed and the President has decided that the Rules and Code of Conduct of the ELINZ may have been breached – he will seek further more detailed information from you concerning the issues; and will then initiate our organisation’s Disciplinary Investigation Process
  • If Step 2(b) above has been followed and the President has decided that the Rules and Code of Conduct of the ELINZ does not appear to have been breached – he will provide you with a written response outlining the reasons for his decision, together with other suggestions of how the issues could be resolved.

If Step 3(b) above has been followed – you will have the ability to formally request our whole Executive to consider whether or not the President’s decision has been appropriate.

Please complete the following form to raise a complaint.

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