Who you hire to advise you on employment law matters is entirely up to you.  And whether you hire a lawyer or an advocate is also up to you.  But the benefits of hiring a lawyer or advocate who is a member of ELINZ over and above a lawyer or advocate who is not, is that members of ELINZ are bound by our Code of Conduct and subject to our disciplinary procedures.  This gives you some assurance that the service you receive from one of our members will be of a high standard, and will be prompt, professional, and will represent value for money.  Members who fail to comply with our Code of Conduct face disciplinary procedures up to and including expulsion from the Institute.

Unfortunately, as in any industry, there are cowboys out there.  Here at ELINZ, we are doing our best to ensure our members are top notch and to ensure that the public is protected from unscrupulous practitioners.