What if I can’t even afford an ELINZ member on legal aid?

Many of our members try really hard to be flexible with payment options (e.g. set fees, contingency fees/No Win No Fee etc).  If you genuinely can't afford to pay for advice or representation, you might be able to get some help from your local community law centre or CAB.  Further information can be found here: [...]


Can I get legal aid?

That’s not a question we can answer, but you can certainly apply for legal aid.  Many of our members provide legal aid services.  Just go to the 'Our Members' page and have a look at our members in your area.  You will see that any member in your area who provides legal aid is clearly identified [...]


Why should I hire a member of ELINZ?

Who you hire to advise you on employment law matters is entirely up to you.  And whether you hire a lawyer or an advocate is also up to you.  But the benefits of hiring a lawyer or advocate who is a member of ELINZ over and above a lawyer or advocate who is not, is that members [...]


Who is ELINZ and what are you doing?

ELINZ is a group of employment law practitioners (lawyers and advocates) who are working together to improve the quality of employment law services provided to the public (employers and employees) and to support our members to be the best they can be. One of our key goals is to work with our government to [...]

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